Clearly, someone at MAINGEAR was pandering to the Apple demographic when they created this all PC Workstation. Their new Remix Creative Workstation PC is geared towards professional and enthusiasts in photoshop, graphic design, video production, pro audio and other creative professions. Matched with an iPod white paint job and a RAZER Keyboard (with matching mouse) that features an iPod dock, it’s easy to see where the inspiration for this system comes from. But is it enough to banish those Mac Pro Towers?

Inside, the Remix Creative Workstation PC features INTEL’s Core i7 platform which is custom cooled by Canadian Wunderkinds, CoolIT Systems. Graphics are pushed along quickly with a full blown nVidia Quadro CX Workstation graphics card. Even audio isn’t overlooked as M-Audio has been called to supply a PRO audio solution. Painstaking attention has been paid to quiet computing, ensuring that quiet is maintained during serious recording sessions. Of couse, you’re able to remix this system anyway you want with an extensive list of options.

The MAINGEAR Remix Workstation PC will be available at a base price of $1999 ($3999 with the Quadro CX) and will come in other colors likeBlack, Silver, Electric Blue, Inferno Red, Alpine White (or rather iPod White), and Speed Yellow. More information can be found on their official product page.

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