An announcement at a trade show about an announcement from another trade show? There’s an Inception joke in there somewhere, but I’m not smart enough to find it. At CES 2012, Sony’s Kaz Hirai shot down rumors (and dreams) that Sony would be revealing their new console at this year’s E3, scheduled for the middle of the year.

During a roundtable discussion, Hirai not only denied that there would be an announcement, but said that there’s currently no internal talks about a new console. Hirai said that Sony always envisioned the PlayStation 3 as a product with a 10-year life cycle, which would put the end of that cycle right around 2016.

Here’s to hoping we’ll get news about a new Xbox at E3. Not that I’m in a rush to spend more money, but my Xbox 360 has certainly seen better days.

via Wall Street Journal

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