If you’re not completely bent on buying the newest and shiniest gadget on the block, if you’re okay using a tablet that doesn’t offer an optional stylus accessory, if you’re okay with literally saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars (and you’re in Canada), has Rogers Wireless got a deal for you. It’s not publicly advertised anywhere, but you waltz your way over to a local store, you can pick up the 16GB LTE-enabled iPad mini 3 for just $149.

That’s the outright price with no obligation to sign any sort of contract or hook it up to any sort of data plan. The deal was first posted on the RedFlagDeals forums, so be fully aware that the RFD effect is in full effect and your mileage will vary, as the in-store stock is going to vary considerably from location to location. What RFD members have found is that stock is limited, so you’ll need to act quickly.

It’s true that the iPad mini 3 is three years old at this point, but it’s still a very capable tablet and the LTE capabilities will certainly come in handy should you need them. If you want to bump up from that A7 processor, you can pony up an extra hundred bucks and get the 16GB LTE iPad mini 4 for $249 (with A8 CPU) from Rogers too. Again, your mileage may vary.

To put these blowout prices in perspective, the current iPad mini 4 with LTE cellular connectivity retails for $719 in Apple stores. That’s for the 128GB model, though, as they no longer sell the 16GB variant. A refurbished 16GB iPad mini 2 sells for $389 through Apple and the refurb 16GB iPad mini 4 with cellular is $489.

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