You know what’s a great way to get fans really excited? Mash up a few of their favorite characters or universes together so they can finally answer those dream fight questions. That’s why we have Smash Bros. That’s why we have Marvel vs. Capcom. And now, that’s why we have Jump Force, a new Bandai Namco fighting game that throws the heroes of Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and One Piece into one epic fighting game. Oh, and then there’s a Death Note teaser at the end of the trailer too.


As you can see from the trailer, the art style for Jump Force slides more toward the realistic end of the scale, approaching the uncanny valley. With this game, Bandai Namco celebrates the 50th anniversary of Shonen Jump, the company responsible for so many legendary manga and anime series over the years.

Announced at E3 this week, Jump Force is a 3v3 fighting game where the characters navigate through a 3D arena. The setting appears to be modern day Earth, getting Goku and Naruto to gang up on Frieza in the middle of New York’s Time Square. The game runs on Unreal Engine 4 and has a totally different look than Dragon Ball FighterZ. We see Goku going all Super Saiyan, as well as Nine Tails Naruto.

This is still a very early trailer, of course, so we’ll still have a lot more to learn from Bandai Namco in the next few days at E3 and beyond. What we can tell you is that, at least for now, Jump Force is being planned for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, with no love for the Switch. I guess that’s okay, since us Switch players should be getting Smash Bros. before year’s end. Nintendo will probably have more to say this week too.

For a little more in-depth conversation about Jump Force, check out the video below from IGN with game producer Koji Nakajima from Bandai Namco. Which Shonen Jump heroes would you most like to see in this game? Expect it to launch some time next year.


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