There’s nothing better than hanging out in a hammock in the back yard during the summer. I usually make a day of it, relaxing under a tree with a good book and a giant glass of sweet tea, sometimes some music (but more often listening to nothing but birds singing and wind through the trees). The trouble is bugs. Particularly mosquitoes. Because nothing will ruin your nice relaxing day faster than uncontrollable itching brought on by multiple bites.

The Mosquito Thwarting Hammock creates an environment wherein you can relax without worrying about the bugs, for those of us who don’t have a screened in porch or gazebo to enjoy. Its structure is made of powder-coated steel tubing, measures 783 /4″ L x 54″ W x 81″ H. and weighs 98 pounds. It supports up to 225 pounds, and some assembly is required. The hammock itself measures 72″ L x 31 1/2″ W and hangs from the frame, which has a canopy comprised of polyester to provide shade and also block rain so you don’t have to give up your backyard relaxation in the case of inclement weather. The sides are made of superfine nylon mesh that allows breeze to flow freely, yet blocks insects from destroying your peace.

All this relaxation can be yours for just $349.95 US, which is actually a far more reasonable price than I was expecting.

Source: Coolest Gadgets

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