They started out as niche products for hobbyists with deep pockets, but 3D printers have gotten progressively better and more affordable in recent years. They’re more accessible and the online community for 3D printing continues to grow. Voltivo wants to encourage this burgeoning creativity with its Voltivo 3D Creation Contest.

With this contest, Voltivo is inviting 3D printing fans from around the world to submit their original 3D model designs. The designs can be as simple or as complex as you’d like, approaching just about any genre or category that you’d like. Maybe you’re designing a custom part to fix a particular problem (like losing the lens cap on your camera). Maybe you’re designing a piece of art for its own sake. It’s totally up to you. Voltivo is also opening up its brand and logo in STL format if you’d like to integrate that too.

The three grand prize winners will each receive a Voltivo Starter Set, valued at around US$64. It includes two spools of Voltivo ExcelFit filament in a color of your choice, plus one pack of Voltivo filament cleaner. Voltivo will select the winners based on the “most appealing designs.” Five additional runners-up will be chosen at random to receive one pack of Voltivo filament cleaner.

Entries are open now until May 15 at 12PM GMT. The winners will be selected and announced on May 20 via Facebook. Check the official contest page for more details and to enter.

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