Have you ever been in the kitchen and thought to yourself, “Hey, what about a refrigerator that keeps things hot?” If so, you’re probably a little nuts, but thankfully you’re not the only one. Hot Logic has released a product that they dub the “ultimate slow cooker,” which is essentially a set of shelves that cook your food and keep it warm.

The appliances are designed for use at home or somewhere like an office break room. Conduction heating is used to slow cook already made meals like frozen dinners or leftovers. A light on the shelf glows blue while the meal is heating and turns red once it’s done. If the light is yellow, proceed cautiously and be prepared to eat your food. That was a joke.

It honestly sounds pretty useful, because there are no modes or settings that you have to mess with you, you just open the door and throw your meal in. It cooks frozen meals in their original packaging without even having to open them, which could be a huge benefit for the super-busy.

via CNET

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