After releasing somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty-four different versions of their 3DS handheld console, Nintendo today unveiled their newest entry into the mobile market. In an attempt to streamline and economize its popular handheld, the company is releasing the Nintendo 2DS.

While it may sound like a joke, it’s very real, and pretty appealing. The 2DS refers to the fact that the 3D capabilities are stripped, which might not matter to a lot of gamers. It also uses a slate design rather than a clamshell, the first Nintendo handheld to not fold close since the 2005 Game Boy Micro. The controls have been moved up towards the center of the device. The 2DS will be available in North America on October 12 for $129.99.

I think $129 is still a little pricey and a $99 price point would make more sense, but honestly the slate design is a deal breaker for me. I understand that it’s still smaller than most tablets, but the thing I’ve always loved about Nintendo’s handhelds is the ability to fold them close and slip them into my pocket. While the 2DS is no doubt a portable console, it could still be much more portable.

via CNET

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