You’ve got a busy life. Between decapitating heads in Mortal Kombat and rediscovering some cake in Portal 2, there are only so many hours in the day. That’s why we do a weekly recap here on MegaTechNews in case you missed one of our more interesting stories.

Like the LEGO PC shown here. There are two things that make this creation particularly compelling. First, it really is a working PC, complete with Windows 7 Ultimate and an AMD Athlon II 605e quad-core processor. Second, it’s really made of LEGO bricks, meaning you can take it apart piece by piece to reveal the inside. So geeky and so cool.

Yeah, Sony goofed. In our first ever edition of MegaWreck News, we talk about the whole public relations nightmare surrounding the hacked PlayStation Network for the Sony PlayStation 3. All your personal info? Yeah, the hackers got it.

On the bright side, our very own Dylan Duarte has taken it upon himself to save you… or, well, at least he’s telling you what you can do about it if your personal information has indeed been compromised thanks to this whole PSN fiasco.

When do you know you’ve hit the big time? When you’ve grabbed the interest of the knockoff ninjas in China, of course! (And yes, I’m Chinese and I know full well that ninjas aren’t from China).

In addition to the mountains of aPods and uPads flooding the market, you can now welcome the addition of Windows Phone 7 clones too. The newer smartphone platform isn’t quite on par with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, but it’s certainly making headway… and it’s being knocked off.

The weird thing? They used Windows Mobile 6.5 and applied some customizations to achieve the Windows Phone 7 look. Weird.

And this is from a couple weeks ago, but I forgot to mention it until now. We have a preview video of the Tt eSports Black Element Mouse and Challenger Ultimate Keyboard up on our YouTube channel. I go through a quick unboxing of the two products, highlighting some notable features along the way.

The full review of both products will be posted on our sister site at Futurelooks very soon!

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