It’s morning. You hop out of bed, stretch, and glance at your clock. You’ve slept later than usual. And you’re not worried. You know why? You don’t need to take any time making breakfast, because a robot has already done that for you. Sound too good to be true?

Well, it still basically is, but we’re a little closer to making it a reality!

The Rotimatic is a flatbread-making robot that’s coming to Canada for the first time. It’s been available in the United States and Singapore, where it’s been measuring, mixing, kneading, flattening, and cooking to its little electronic heart’s content. Now it’s available in Canada (as well as Austraila, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom), where it continue its flatbread-making journey.

The Rotimatic is priced at USD $999, which is where I imagine most consumers pump the brakes. It’s honestly a very impressive piece of machinery, and flatbread is delicious (an update through the Internet-connected device will soon enable it to make tortillas, pizza crusts, and more), but a thousand bucks is a thousand bucks. And that’s a lot of bucks.

It’s a very specific market they’re going for, but it seems like it does what it does very well.

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