Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer component to the bestselling Grand Theft Auto V, has had its fair share of issues since its October 1 launch. There were the usual connection problems that are expected with the launch of an online product, but the worst of it was when players’ characters started disappearing.

Almost two weeks after said launch, Rockstar is still trying to iron out all the kinks. In an attempt to smooth over those who have had issues (and maybe as a thank you to sticking with the game), Rockstar will be giving everyone who played (or tried to play) GTA: Online in October an in-game sum of $500,000. No specific dates have been announced yet, but the money will be coming in two installments.

For those unfamiliar with the in-game economy, $500,000 is a lot of cash. The most expensive property in the game is only $400,000, so that’s enough to jump right into the high life. In truth, Rockstar didn’t need to do this, as I don’t think anyone was prepared to truly give up on GTA: Online permanently, but it’s definitely a nice gesture.

via CNET

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