Nerd culture might be mainstream right now, but it hasn’t always been this way. If nerds ruled the world back in 1992, maybe Paramount COO Stanley Jaffe wouldn’t have shot down plans to build a life-size Starship Enterprise – complete with detailed interior and Star Trek-themed live shows – right in downtown Las Vegas. The $150 million concept came from Gary Goddard, who won a contest sponsored by the city in search for the its newest attraction. Unfortunately Jaffe pulled the plug on the project in fear that if it were unsuccessful, it could damage the Star Trek brand.

I’m not even a Trekkie, having only seen a smattering of Star Trek films and a bit of The Next Generation, but this would’ve been right at the top of my list of places to visit. I’m a child at heart and I already like to act out my fantasies, so when those fantasies are elaborately constructed with a $150 million budget, I’m in heaven.

via The Verge

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