So, I was watching TV the other night and a commercial came on. The style was similar to other “As Seen on TV” products like the Slap Chop, but I almost couldn’t believe that it was real. But it is. And you can buy it.

It’s called the GoJo and it’s “the only phone device that is truly hands-free.” That’s because it’s basically a headband with a suction cup on it. You attach the suction cup to the back of your phone, slip it over the top of your head, and start talking. It’s not Bluetooth. It’s not a handsfree microphone and earpiece. It’s a piece of plastic with a suction cup on it.

Really? This is what counts as innovation? Even if you get four headsets and “2 bonus non-slip grip mats” for ten bucks plus shipping, the idea has already been accomplished several years ago on the Internet. Look below. I bet you can buy tons of elastic bands for ten bucks. If you thought you looked odd with the Galaxy Note up against your face, wait until people see you rocking the GoJo.

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