Even though I was initially skeptical about the whole Sonos ecosystem, I’ve since been thoroughly converted. You may recall our most recent review of the second-generation Sonos PLAY:5. If you’re looking for yet another audio source for your growing family of smart speakers, you’re in luck because Sonos now supports Apple Music for everyone.

There was a beta program a couple of months ago that was only opened up to a select few users (and by select, I mean hundreds of thousands of listeners), but now everyone can log into their Apple Music accounts via the Sonos mobile app on the connected Android or iOS device of their choosing to access the full Apple Music catalog anywhere in the home.

For the time being, you can’t add your Apple Music credentials through the Sonos desktop app. Don’t ask me why.

Sonos + Apple Music

Both companies are very happy with the partnership, as it “provides an amazing listening experience at home,” said Apple’s Eddy Cue. Sonos CEO John MacFarlane echoes the sentiment, saying that this is a great way to “share Apple Music throughout people’s homes in a way that’s easy, intuitive and sounds great.”

Tangentially related to this, Sonos recently commissioned a “Music Makes It Home” study to see how music in the home can help families feel more together and happier together. They put together a quick video to illustrate the results of this 30,000 person survey.

Via iPhone in Canada

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