I don’t want to jinx it, but I believe summer might actually be near. After the winter that refused to quit, and the spring that stayed stuck in March weather until this week, I was beginning to fear it was never going to happen. But, in hopes that it will someday be warm, I thought I’d take a look at some pool accessories that could add some fun to your next backyard BBQ. Hope springs eternal, after all.

First up is a floating game of skill marketed toward children, but that adults will enjoy as well. This is the Inflatable Water Shooting Float, and it works very much like an arcade game you’d see at a county fair: Shoot water into the tubes to fill them up and eject all the balls. First player to empty their tube of all but water wins! The squirt cannons are attached to the float, and each has a flexible tube that extends down into the water to provide an endless supply of ammunition. Add one to your summer fun for $59.95 US.

Source: Coolest Gadgets


For this, you’ll need a pretty big pool, but it would be fun at the beach. This is the Three Person Water Wheel, and it looks like a good time. It’s made of heavy-gauge PVC, and measures 5 1/2 feet in diameter by 6 3/4 feet long. The central panels are clear so you can see where you’re going, while its outside edges are brightly-coloured so others can see you as well. There are eight ports that allow water to drain from the wheel as you move across the water like a hamster in a wheel, and it comes with a 10-foot rope to secure it when not in use. This one costs a whopping $499.95 US, and will begin shipping in mid-May.

Source: 7 Gadgets
Water basketball, at night even! The Lighted Poolside Basketball Hoop is made to sit on the side of your pool, so you can swim and shoot hoops at the same time. The 39 1/2″ wide backboard also has integrated LED lights so the fun doesn’t have to stop just because the sun went down. It’s got a 16-inch rim that can be adjusted to anywhere from 2-6 feet above the water, with a locking mechanism that can position the net up to 42″ out over the water. The base holds either 30 pounds of sand or 50 gallons of water for stability. This one will run you $229.95 US.

Source: Coolest Gadgets


Playtime is great, but what about adult playtime? Get your mind out of the gutter; I’m talking about a floating bar. The Aquatic Bar is a floating four-seat structure centered by a cooler, so you can hang out on the water with friends without having to keep getting out to fetch another beverage. The center cooler holds up to a dozen cans, there is a cup holder built into the front of each seat, and there’s a drain plug on the side of the bar to allow drainage. Inflated, it measures 8 3/4′-diam. x 26″ H and will support up to 880 pounds. Make one yours for $279.95 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


The bar is great, but these are more my speed (and price range). These are GoPong Drink Guards (you get it, right?), and as you can see they’re little inflatable life rings designed to hold those infamous plastic cups known for holding adult beverages. They’ll also hold cans, of course, but that’s not nearly as much fun. They feature extra-high walls to prevent tipping, although I’d still recommend picking it up if someone decides to cannonball off the diving board. Each one costs $13.00 US.

Source: Gizmodiva

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