We learned something new about LG’s upcoming flagship, the G5: it will have an “Always On” display. Not an all “Always On Display,” mind you. Samsung has trademarked that last term for their upcoming Galaxy S7, but we now know that the LG G5 will feature a similar technology.

If this sounds like something that will drain your battery, don’t worry. What this means is that the screen will always display relevant information, even when the display is “off” and the phone is locked. You’ll likely be able to read the time, date, and your notifications, and they’ll be displayed in a way that I’m sure will use minimal power.

We don’t know the exact details of how the LG G5’s version of this feature will work, but we can look at the other phones who use something similar to get an idea. We’ll know more when Mobile World Congress rolls around later in the month.

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