Probably these LEGO showcases should happen more often, if only because of the incredible array of talent and creativity in the world. Some of the things people create out of LEGO amaze me, while some of them leave me simply shaking my head. But any way you look at it, LEGO can be used to design and build practically anything under the sun (and quite a few things out of its reach). Let's see what we've got, shall we?

You know about my LEGO obsession, obviously. But did you know my very first obsession was the Wizard of Oz? I own every incarnation of the movie, the books, and also an untouched set of the reprinted books with the original illustrations. And then there's my collection of Hallmark ornaments, but we won't get into justifies an entire post. The LEGO Wizard of Oz diorama not only is fabulous to look at just sitting there, but it has a working tornado. It measures ten feet long, was built by a team of 12 from VirtuaLUG, and was on display at Brickworld in Chicago where it won the Collaborative Display award. They even built the Kansas scenes using black, white and gray bricks, and the Oz scenes using colour. I would give up having a couch if I could have this in my living room.

Source: Nerd Approved


If you've got an iPhone, you need a case for it. I can't guarantee that this will actually prevent your screen from shattering, but depending on what you choose to build, it could act like the safety measures in a race car, where the pieces break off on impact so by the time the precious cargo finally hits the impact is greatly reduced. Or, you know, you could just buy one because it's entirely too cool. Your choice. It does say it's got shock absorption and scratch prevention. This was created by Belkin and LEGO for the iPhone 5, and what it ends up looking like is limited only by your imagination. Just be careful you don't end up losing it to the huge bin of LEGOs your kids own! You can pick one up for about $40.00 US.

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I'm really gonna have to check out this Legends of Chima thing...if there are this many LEGO products for it, I'm guessing it's something I'll like. This is a member of the Croc Tribe, which is actually an alarm clock as well as a minifig. The display on his chest is digital and has a backlight, which can be activated by pressing down on his head. That's how you hit the snooze button as well, by the way. Requires two AA batteries (not included), and costs $30.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


Who wouldn't want a 1:1 scale LEGO model of the Terminator for their room? That's what Martin Latta thought, so he built himself a T-800 Terminator out of about 15,000 LEGO bricks. It even has eyes that light up! Obviously this one is a custom project, but if you have any design capabilities of your own you could probably figure out how to make one.

Source: Nerd Approved


The source article for this one has a BUNCH of LEGO creations, I just chose one for the picture. Which means I'm borrowing someone else's showcase for my showcase, but then we all share things anyway, so what the heck. I think I'm going to make one of these key holders, though, because it's really pretty brilliant. Plus, it means everyone who lives here would have to have a LEGO key chain, and I kind of love that. Anyway, check out the source article for several more quirky creations.

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LEGO and Sony have teamed up to make LEGO bricks with RC technology embedded in them. Right now they're a prototype, but can I just say that this is awesome? They feature motors that let you race LEGO, actuators that can be used to destroy LEGO structures on cue and a LEGO toy with a built-in camera that sends footage to an iPad app. They're called Toy Alive, and are designed to integrate video games and LEGO. Carry on, folks...I want these sooner rather than later!

Source: Technabob


Mass Effect 2. LEGO. Combine the two, and what do you get? A fabulous four-foot-long spaceship, which displayed at Brickworld in Chicago. This one was made by Ben Caulkins, and took seven months to complete (while he was studying for the SATs, no less). The detail is pretty darn impressive, down to the Thanix cannons.

Source: Gadget Review


From the "things I must own" files...LEGO minifig refrigerator magnets! These are modeled after various characters such as Batman, Superman, Bilbo Baggins, Frodo Baggins, Obi Wan Kenobi, Iron Man...the list goes on. Each one costs just $7.00 US, and the only disadvantage to them is that they cannot be removed from their backplates. But whatever. I want a collection of minifigs on my fridge, and I want it now!

Source: Geek Alerts


On the list of iconic buildings in the world, the Sydney Opera House places fairly high. Now you can build one for your very own out of LEGO, and why wouldn't you want to? The set includes 2,989 bricks, is 11 inches high, 25 inches wide and 15 inches deep, and you'll be able to buy the kit this fall. You're going to pay for the pleasure, of course...the set is going to retail for $320.00 US. But if you're a true aficionado, that shouldn't be an issue.

Source: Nerd Approved


Speaking of architecture, how about building an Imperial Hotel to go along with your Opera House? OK, sure, they are nothing like near each other in the real world, but LEGO is limited only by imagination, remember? This one has 1,188 bricks, and is modeled after the Frank Lloyd Wright hotel that used to stand in Tokyo. The set includes a booklet with fun facts to know about yell about the hotel's history, construction, and architecture. Pricing on this one is a mere $130.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


Children of the 1980s and LEGO are a match made in heaven, aren't they? This collection, built by The Brothers Brick user Ralph, features four iconic 80's TV show cars: K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard, the van from the A-Team, and Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters (although that last one is a was a movie before that awful cartoon on TV). These aren't currently kits you can buy, but wouldn't it be neat if they were?

Source: Nerd Approved


Back to architecture, except this is life-sized architecture in which people can actually live and work. LEGO has unveiled plans for a visitor center designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, which is scheduled to open in 2016. The plan is based on a stack of LEGO bricks (although an extremely organized one...mine are all in a huge messy pile in a plastic tub), and will measures 22,800-square-feet. It will be the anchor of the LEGO campus in Billund, Denmark, where the toy was born. Luckily, 2016 is far enough away that I can save money for the trip.

Source: Gizmodo


LEGO Marvel Superheroes is due out later this year, and if you're a gamer you should probably pick it up. It'll be available for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Nintendo DS, 3DS, PlayStation Vita and PC, and was debuted at E3 (I wasn't there, but I've heard it was pretty darn neat). It looks like it features pretty much any Marvel character you could hope to have, but I don't see pricing information anywhere. Does it really matter?

Source: Your Tech Report


If the life-sized T-800 above didn't do it for you, how about a life-sized Captain James T. Kirk? This is the latest addition to 15-year-old Evan Bacon's collection of LEGO models, and it's pretty darn good. It uses over 18,000 bricks (which are glued together to prevent mishaps), measures just under six feet tall, and weighs only 90 pounds (being made of plastic bricks rather than flesh and bone). This one was displayed at Comicpalooza in Houston, TX, and Evan is currently working on a Wonder Woman for display at the RTX Convention this July in Austin.

Source: Technabob


Bioshock Infinite and LEGO: a match made in heaven? Maybe not, but this collection by designer Cool Whip is pretty darn neat. Looks like he's (she's?) included just about anything you'd need to recreate the game from bricks, except for the part where this isn't a kit you can buy so you'll have to figure it out on your own. I just think it's neat.

Source: Nerd Approved


You noticed above I said "just about anything", right? Here's what it was missing: Infinite Songbird. This one comes to us from Imagine Rigney, and the detail on it is amazing.

Source: Geekologie

ewok village

LEGO Ewok Village! Easily my favourite part of the movies, although I know how wrong that is. There's a bar in northern California that reminds me of it, too. But I digress. This is a 1,990-piece set, and will cost you $250.00 US when it comes out this fall. It comes with pieces and instructions to build a tree-trunk hideout, secret Lightsaber stash, spider web, net traps, slide, catapults, an elevating throne, a bridge, rope walkways, vine and leaf elements, kitchen, food storage area, bedroom and a planning room. Also a speeder bike. Also a slew of minifigs, some of which are not available outside the kit, like Endor Princess Leia, Endor C-3PO, Endor Luke, Endor Han Solo and of course Wicket. If you're not sold on it yet, there is something wrong with you.

Source: Gizmodo


LEGO and Lord of the Rings have a wonderful partnership, so it doesn't surprise me there's another set available. This is the Battle at the Black Gate, and it has 656 pieces including opening and locking doors, a catapult, secret entrance, poseable horse, staff, ball & chain, three swords, and several minifigs including Gandalf. You can build it alone or with other LOTR sets, of course, depending on how many you own and how epic a story you want to tell. This one costs just $60.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


Death Star trench run, anyone? This was built by Scott Vandeleest, and displayed at Brickworld in Chicago. I haven't got a clue how many bricks this one used, but the detail says it's got to be more than you would think. Obviously this isn't a set you can buy, but it should be. Cost be damned.

Source: Technabob


Speaking of space, who would've ever guessed LEGO and NASA would team up for anything, much less something this cool? This is actually two different competitions to help map the future of the space program. The first one is for builders to show their concept of the next ten future NASA missions, which are supposed to take place in the 2030's. The prize will be NASA memorabilia and a LEGO set, besides public recognition on the website. The competition is open to anyone aged 16 and over.

The second competition is where the design elements really come into play. For this one, you'll have to design "a starship of the future and elaborate a supporting academic paper that details the spaceship and the involved systems". This one is split into two age groups: 13-18, and people of all ages. The prize here is huge: The winner will get the chance of presenting their project for LEGO or NASA, or even for both of them. NASA also mentioned there might be a chance of publishing the winning paper, so thats certainly a way of making history happen for a talented LEGO master builder.

I'm guessing most of you won't have time to enter, because the deadline is July 31. I'm sorry I didn't find out about this sooner to give you a chance. But I'm really, really looking forward to seeing what designs come out of this! They're gonna be amazing.

Source: Walyou


More space stuff! The Mars Curiosity Rover has been getting a lot of press lately, as I'm sure you know. LEGO has now green lighted a kit so you can build one of your very own! Stephen Pakbaz (who is a NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory mechanical engineer) submitted the project to LEGO Cuusoo last fall, and now it's going to be a reality. It's still under development and pricing hasn't yet been announced, but keep your eyes open. It'll be here soon enough.

Source: Nerd Approved

Our last entry comes with a video clip, because it would have to. It's the official teaser trailer of the LEGO Movie, and I must see it. Not only is there a ridiculously huge array of characters involved,'s a LEGO movie! I honestly don't know how much more I can say here, because I'm sure you all get it.

Source: I Watch Stuff

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