Let’s be honest. A lot of what goes on with the Internet has to do with porn, but you don’t have to be sitting in front of your computer to access that “adult material.” So, we’re kicking off this week’s digest with a special review from Dylan.

Mr. Duarte volunteered to go “hands on” with the FyreTV BoXXX media player and he provides his thoughts in his extensive review. The good news is that he goes into detail as to how the box works and whether it’s worth your while. The other good news is that he doesn’t go into too much detail regarding how he “enjoyed” the box.

Fear not. The review is safe for work.

There are lawsuits every day. It seems like every company is suing just about every other company, claiming that one party is infringing on the intellectual property of another company.

Sometimes, though, these lawsuits leave you scratching your head. James brings one of these to our attention as he looks into how Apple is suing Samsung for copying the iPhone. The irony is that the iPhone is sort of a copy of an older Samsung phone.

So, isn’t Apple suing Samsung for copying, um, Samsung? To make matters even more interesting, Samsung is a major supplier for Apple, so isn’t Apple biting the hand that feeds it too?

In the first Portal game, GLaDOS revealed that the cake is a lie. In the second Portal game, she justs wants you gone. That’s what we learn in the Portal 2 ending song. I don’t think it’s quite as catchy as Still Alive, but it does get stuck in your head.

Just as a heads up, though, you might want to hold off on watching the official video until you’ve finished the game. There are some pretty significant spoilers in the lyrics.

Beth knows the importance of staying safe, but she also recognizes the importance of saving a few bucks. Fitting somewhere into both of those criteria is the Big Brother Birdhouse. It looks like a closed caption video camera, but it’s just a cleverly disguised home for Tweety.

And finally, you might have missed some new video content we’ve posted on our YouTube channel. I unbox and preview the Tt eSports gaming keyboard and mouse. Pretty cool products, I must say. The full review will be posted on our sister site at Futurelooks after we’ve put the pair through the ringer.

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