This is just neat. Probably many of you are too young to remember actual typewriters that used actual ribbons that you had to have the finger strength of a veteran masseuse to use, but I do. I actually still own one, although this model is considerably older than mine.

If this was simply a typewriter, it would be cool enough. But it’s so much more! Not only is it a fully functioning typewriter complete with ribbon and lever to return the carriage (the manual “enter” key for you kids), but it has a USB cord so it can be attached to your computer, making it a keyboard. But wait, there’s more! It also serves as an iPad dock, so it can be used as a keyboard for that as well.

Included in the package is the typewriter, a typewriter case, iPad stand attachment, USB cord, additional ribbon, and instructions. This repurposed vintage Royal typewriter is made of lead-free components (something the original decidedly did NOT promise), and measures 6? high, 12.5? wide, and 12? deep.

All of this coolness does not come cheaply, however. If you want one, it’s going to set you back $798.00 US. But then Royal typewriters in working condition are awfully hard to come by.

Source: Geek Alerts

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