Im sure that in certain parts of the world – San Franciscos Bay Area for example – Google Glass headsets are a pretty common sight. To those unaccustomed to seeing the wearable computers, however, they might look fairly awkward. With the upcoming XE 12 update, things are about to get a lot more awkward.

Winking to take a photo has been a possibility thanks to a third-party app, but Google is now imbedding that functionality directly into the Explorer Edition of Glass. Its a conflicting feature, because while it feels very Mission Impossible-esque, winking is also one of the most obnoxious things a human being can do.

On the less creepy side of things, XE 12 brings along Hangouts and YouTube uploading functionality, as well as improved methods for searching Google Play Music.

There are also new security features, such as a screen lock that you can configure to turn on each time you take Glass off. Theyve also nixed the Sent Through Glass signature on SMS, as well as Guest Mode, which was apparently just too difficult for the devs to maintain.

Via Engadget



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