A little over a week ago, UK Judge Colin Birss found that Samsung did not copy the iPad with their Galaxy Tab, as Apple claims. It wasn't entirely bad for Apple, though, as the judge actually said that the Samsung Galaxy Tab isn't "as cool" as the iPad. Having a judge remark that your tablet is cool as part of the official decision, which is presumably entered into the record, has got to be worth something. Now, however, the judge is forcing Apple to publicly state that Samsung in fact did not copy them.

In a move that seems to be the adult equivalent of "tell him that you're sorry," the judge is requiring Apple to not only write a statement acknowledging the court ruling, but the company must leave it on their website for six months. I'm not entirely sure what this is meant to accomplish, other than forcing Apple to eat some humble pie and maybe bringing Apple fanatics down a few notches.

via The Verge

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