Google has this thing where they come up with multiple solutions to the same basic thing. Remember Google Buzz? Confused over Allo and Hangouts and Android Messages? Or how we have Google Keep, Google Tasks, and a separate shopping list in Google Assistant? Maybe it’s time they start bringing things under a single umbrella and that appears to be the promise of the upcoming Google Fuchsia OS.

Word on the street is that Google Fuchsia OS has been in the works for some time already and they could be looking to launch it in the not too distant future. The idea is that the new OS would effectively merge Android and Chrome OS into one thing.

If that’s sounds familiar, that’s because this project was being bandied about as Google Andromeda OS a couple of years ago. The fundamental philosophy remains the same here, borrowing the best elements from both Android and Chrome OS and delivering them in a unified OS that will work on a broad range of devices. We can expect Fuchsia smartphones, tablets, laptops and more.

Movement in this direction has already been clearly demonstrated. Just as Android apps can run on a Chromebook, Google Fuchsia OS will reportedly support Android apps out of the box too. This means you won’t lose all those Android apps you already know and love and use.

The assumption is that developers will eventually port and optimize their Android apps to function best within Google Fuchsia OS, but this Android app support will provide the best stop-gap measure in the meantime. We can probably expect some fragmentation as Android, Chrome OS, and Fuchsia OS all run next to one another “for a few years.”

Now it’s just a matter of when Andromeda, Fuchsia, or whatever name it eventually selects hits the prime time for consumers.

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