If you’re still one of those people with a landline, you need this. I really want to get one and surprise my mother with it, if only for the sheer entertainment value (albeit brief, as she would never allow it to stay sitting on the counter in her dining room). This one falls under the “made me laugh out loud and is affordable” rule I live by, however, so you never know if I’ll find myself with some money burning a hole in my pocket and get one.

Obviously, I don’t need to get into how it works. It’s a phone. You plug it in and call people. Or they call you. But it does have some added features not found on an ordinary phone, like the “diamond” encrusted surface. And the fact that its eyes light up blue when the phone rings, making it ideal for the hard of hearing…or those who spend their lives with either their stereo or iPod turned up too loud. To answer, you take the face off the skull. Literally. The handset comprises its teeth, nose, and forehead.

You can make one yours for just $47.99 US.

Source: Craziest Gadgets

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