GIGABYTE is not one to be left out of the spotlight for long and released an entire array of new items and demonstrated some new innovations that were announced last year. There is a lot, so you may want to get a notepad ready.

The G1 series of motherboards gets some new additions to the family. At CES 2012, GIGABYTE showed off the G1.Sniper 3 and the G1.Sniper 3 M3. The first is an ATX form with dual LANs powered by Intel Gigabit and Killer Gaming NIC controllers. The M3 still have the core of a G1.Sniper, but in a Micro-ATX format for those small portable LAN party rigs out there. These two may be smaller in size (as per fan request), but still pack a full arsenal of weapons for your enemies.

We also got to see a live demostration of the 3D BIOS via from the updated DualBIOS which now sports the UEFI system. This means you not only get UEFI, but the security of dual BIOS chips, and the unit 3D BIOS interface. This was shown to be on the GIGABYTE Z77X-UD3H

GIGABYTE also showed off their 3D Power system for the forthcoming 7 series of motherboards. This system will allow futher micro-management of the entire power system of your board down to zones of use. This is all done in a pure digital PWN design. It should allow more precise control and monitoring of power being used by both the board and next generation of Intel LGA 1155 chips.

We are not done yet. This was a busy event for GIGABYTE. They also showed their new business solution in the form of the GIGABYTE B75M-D3H motherboard. This board has built in features you would need in a business environment such as remote installation, monitoring, backups and power management. This means these features, which are normally reserved for large business networks with servers, on a very small scale of just a handful of systems. A great idea for small business.

Finally we have the GIGABYTE GC-WIFI PCIe card. which is not a typical Wi-Fi card. This card has both Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and easy personal cloud creation via their new Cloudstation software. It is basically a home network via direct end to end connections. This makes your home network more secure and allows faster responses to remote software such as VLC remote or Splashtop. You could now easily control your desktop via your smart phone or transfer phones to a laptop from your desktop, via your tablet PC.

GIGABYTE was very busy at the end of 2011 it would seem. These products cover a vast number of market segments and bring a lot of new ideas to the table. This year is shaping up to be something special.

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GIGABYTE TECHNOLGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today announced its participation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas where it is debuting a number of new and exciting motherboard technologies that will be central to it’s motherboard design in 2012 and beyond. International media and customers will get a sneak peak of GIGABYTE’s new technologies at their suite in The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, from January 10-13.

3D Power: Frequency, Voltage and Phase Control

GIGABYTE is showing forthcoming 7 series motherboards featuring the very latest in CPU power delivery with GIGABYTE’s unique Digital Power Engine called 3D Power. Offering digital control over all the main onboard power zones, this new digital PWM design allows users to manipulate and monitor the power provided to 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ and Next Gen processors for the LGA 1155 socket.

“We are very excited about the new technologies that will feature on our 7 series motherboards, and are confident that our customers will find them, together with the performance and feature improvements on Intel’s future platform, extremely appealing,” commented Henry Kao, Vice President of GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit. “Product development and debugging for the new features is progressing really well, and we expect to have a full range of products available globally by launch day.”


Visitors to CES 2012 will be able to see the 2nd iteration of GIGABYTE’s revolutionary 3D BIOS that is based on GIGABYTE UEFI DualBIOS™ technology. 3D BIOS offers two distinct modes of interaction in a BIOS environment, 3D Mode and Advanced Mode, that re-draw the traditional BIOS user experience with a far more intuitive and graphical interface.

G1.Sniper 3 Debuts with Dual LAN

The G1.Killer gaming motherboard series continues to evolve with two new GIGABYTE 7 series models planned for launch later this year. The G1.Sniper 3 motherboard features onboard Creative gaming audio together with a dual LAN configuration of Intel® Gigabit and Killer™ Game Networking controllers. Visitors to Las Vegas will also be among the first to see the G1.Sniper M3, a gaming motherboard with signature G1.Killer DNA in a compact Micro-ATX form factor.

Powering the Personal Cloud: Bluetooth 4.0/Wi-Fi PCIe Card

Selected GIGABYTE motherboards will come with an exclusive PCIe expansion card that offers support for the latest Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart Ready) and Wi-Fi connectivity standards. With the growing availability of affordable or free remote PC operation software, such as Splashtop and VLC Remote, GIGABYTE believes that now is the time to explore and enjoy the home cloud: a personal cloud within the secure environment of a home network where the performance and functionality of desktop PCs can be utilized and controlled by portable cloud devices. With this in mind GIGABYTE has introduced their CloudStation utility that will help future GIGABYTE Apps to communicate, share resources and control desktop PC systems.

Onboard mSATA Support

Most ATX form factor GIGABYTE 7 series motherboards will enjoy an onboard mSATA connector that, together with GIGABYTE’s EZ Smart Response technology, will allow users to simply and cost effectively enjoy better responsiveness from their PCs. mSATA solid state drives have been made popular by the rapid growth of tablet PCs, and provide a cheaper solution for smart caching because they are available in smaller capacities than traditional SSDs.

Small Business Solutions

Setting its sights on the small business market, GIGABYTE will demonstrate the B75M-D3H motherboard that represents a new product range featuring the ability to remotely monitor and manage PC health, installed software, data backup, energy saving and connectivity. This allows system integrators to add value to their products by offering these services to small businesses with between 1 and 6 PCs. Key features and selling points for these models will be manageability, affordability and GIGABYTE’s Ultra Durable design quality.


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