I have seen some truly goofy things over the years, but this one is right up there. Think of it as a high-tech, yet still completely ridiculous, version of a mood ring. Except that it’s not a ring. And you’ll look absolutely silly wearing it. But whatever…if you’re the kind of person who likes to broadcast your feelings to everyone you meet, this might just be for you.

Unfortunately, I can’t find much in the way of details on how these work, other than that they use “safe brainwave tech” and require 4 AAA batteries to operate. Somehow, the headband interprets your brainwaves, and based on your mood moves the ears appropriately. The ears perk up, droop down, or wiggle depending on what you’re thinking at the moment.

They make me giggle. Really, that’s the entire reason I chose to post about them…they amuse me. A lot. They’re certainly not cheap, though (and really, why would you expect them to be, since they employ “brainwave tech”?). Each pair will run you $115.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets

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