Travel is always enjoyable, but it comes with its fair share of downfalls. One of the major issues for those who are avid PC users find is when hotels, resorts, and motels have outdated networking technology. You have two choices to correcting this annoyance: Pay more for your room to get more modern accommodations or bring the solutions with you via the ECS Mobile Widgets.

The first ECS widgets are the Skinny and Tiny pocket WiFi which allow you to bring WiFi everywhere you go. If you have an Ethernet port, then you can get your WiFi quickly without hassle. And, as the names imply, these take up next to no room in your travel bag at about the size of two thumb drives side by side.

I know what you are thinking, because I am thinking the same thing. I like to bring movies to watch with me, but would rather watch them on the hotel’s 42 inch flat screen than my 11.5 inch tablet. Well the R100 Wi-Bridge can connect any TV via VGA or HDMI to your wireless network. Then you can just stream your movies from the comfort of your hotel bed.

Finally, we have two wireless portable speakers in the ECS eZ Bun and eZ Bun BT. The major difference here is the “BT” which stands for Bluetooth. The eZ Bun BT USB rechargeable speakers come with a built-in mic so you can use it for hands free calls while driving. Or you can just use the ECS eZ Bun to listen to some music while you relax without running your smartphone battery down.

I am sure no matter what you need for wireless accessories, you can find an ECS Widget just for those needs.

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Unlock the hidden potential of your electronics and computing gadgets, with ECS Mobile Widgets

ECS brings you total wireless mobility with innovative products for home, office and travel

9 August, 2012 – ECS, one of the world’s leading PC hardware makers, now brings its expertise in design and manufacturing to the wireless mobility arena. Empower yourself with the new ECS Mobile Widgets, a range of affordable, easy-to-use products that enhance and connect all your existing electronic and computer gadgets to unlock new capabilities. Mobile Widgets open up a new world of mobility, productivity and entertainment options, all based on the familiar hardware that you already own.

Existing wireless products are clearly failing to meet the demands of today’s data-hungry applications. If you’ve ever been frustrated by a slow, glitchy or non-existent wireless connection, then you know this for a fact. ECS Mobile widgets mean you can always have the convenience of wireless, wherever you go. With Mobile Widgets, ECS can now offer a complete, seamless wireless environment, even for demanding applications like HD video.

Modern, mobile devices, like tablet computers, give us the freedom to roam, and work wherever we want, but they are nothing without a wall-to-wall high-speed data connection throughout the home or workplace. When we travel, some hotels only offer LAN Internet or an expensive wireless service. More and more consumers want a smart, wireless TV but don’t want to replace their current ones. ECS Mobile Widgets can solve all these problems and more.

Meet the Widgets

The new ECS Mobile Widget product line is designed to meet every customer’s needs in all environments and scenarios. The two key features are: mobility and wireless. All are compact enough to be carried around most are literally small enough to slip into a pocket. And all enable you to have wireless access at any time, and any place.

Pocket WiFi

The ECS Pocket WiFi range includes three compact and versatile devices that provide wireless anytime and anywhere. They range in size from the easily-portable Mini, ideal for home use; through the pocket-sized, Tiny, and the vanishingly small Skinny, perfect for travelers. Pocket WiFi products perform a wide range of functions: these can include adding WiFi capability to computers, TVs, game consoles, in fact almost any device, as long as it has a LAN network socket. Products in the Pocket WiFi range can also provide an instant wireless network anywhere there’s an Internet connection, such as a hotel room, or even extend the range and coverage of an existing wireless network, to bring Internet access to every corner of the home or office.

Pocket Speakerphone

The ECS Pocket Speakerphone Series includes two models, eZ Bun and eZ Bun BT but, that are remarkably simple to use, and can transform the way you communicate at work or in your personal life thanks to the built-in microphone with 360 audio pickup coverage zone. Both versions of the ECS Pocket Speakerphone Series have a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that keeps them portable for hassle-free use, and they can be recharged easily by USB.

The eZ Bun designed for office use has performance-enhancing features like noise cancellation and a sensitive microphone with a 3 meter radius coverage range. Laptops, PCs, or tablets are easily connected to this speaker with a built-in microphone thanks to the two 3.5mm jacks and USB port.

The eZ Bun BT designed for everyday life features Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling, and acts as an enhanced music and sound playback source for mobile phones, notebook PCs and other devices. Large, simple controls make it perfect for music listening and handling phone calls while driving.

R100 Wi-Bridge

The compact ECS R100 Wi-Bridge is a perfect connectivity solution for the your digital life. Turn an ordinary TV into a smart TV. By simply connecting the R100 Wi-Bridge to your TV or projector via HDMI or VGA. Full HD movies, games, and music stored on your computer, smart phone or tablet can then be wirelessly sent to your home theater system, giving you ultimate convenience and comfort. ECS R100’s dual-band, high-bandwidth wireless link helps you watch smooth theater-quality Blu-ray 1080p HD movies without glitches.

Putting customer needs first

ECS Mobile Widgets breathe new life into old electronics, computing and communications gadgets. They offer customers a new world of mobility, productivity and entertainment possibilities, all by enhancing and connecting the hardware that they already own and understand. ECS has carefully designed every device in this range to provide a complete solution to almost any user, and to fulfil needs that are not addressed by competing products. By meeting and anticipating customers needs, ECS foresees the Mobile Widgets becoming a real hit. Even more great, innovative new products are under development in the Mobile Widgets series, and ECS expects to announce them in the very near future.


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