New Year’s Eve is not too far away and the odds are good that a fair majority of you are going to resolve to lose weight in the coming year. Of course, you’ve all probably done so before, and if it worked you wouldn’t be doing it again. The problem I run into is that it’s hard to tell how much larger the portions of food I’m eating are as compared to what I should be eating. Really, the only way to be able to do that is with a scale, but carrying around a scale is impractical at best, right? Maybe that’s about to change.

The Digital Pocket Scale is exactly what it appears to be…a digital scale with an LCD screen that will fit in your pocket. It is capable of measuring in gram, carat, pennyweight and ounces, and uses only three keys to operate. The LCD display measures 1.3 inches, and it can handle weighing up to a maximum of 500g, 2500ct, 321.4dwt, 17.635oz. Sounds just about perfect to figure out exactly how huge that sandwich is, now doesn’t it? And if the food you’re weighing tops out the scale, it’s obvious you should at minimum cut it in half and make it two meals. It’s powered by three LR44 button batteries, which are included, and it comes with a manual and carrying bag. It is guaranteed accurate to 0.1g/1ct/0.1dwt/0.01oz.

Want to hear the best part? It’s cheap! I mean, really cheap. You can get one of these for $8.49 US or less, depending on how many you buy. At that price, you can hand them out like party favours just after the ball drops and everyone raises their champagne glasses.

Source: 7 Gadgets

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