A short while back, the Storm Scout was updated to the Storm Scout 2. It was well received, but did garner some negative feedback from users who thought the case could use some minor improvements here and there. Cooler Master actually listened to their customers and is now releasing the retooled Storm Scout 2 Advanced.

The first step to updating to the new Storm Scout 2 Advanced was to address customer feedback. Cooler Master improved the coverage of the intake filter layout and the case now comes in the Ghost White color. The next thing was to add value with additions like a second 3.5″ to 2.5″ bay converter (can support four 2.5″ drives). The CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced also has two additional front intake LED fans in addition to the single 120 mm rear.

The Ghost White CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced is currently available for $109.99 which is a $10 premium over the Storm Scout 2. In addition, if you are a previous owner of the Storm Scout 2, Cooler Master will send you an upgrade kit to add the Advanced features at no additional cost. You can’t beat that kind of company loyalty to its customers.

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February 26th, 2013 – Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer today makes the much anticipated Scout 2 Advanced available with exciting new Ghost White and Midnight Black Editions.

Dedication to Our Users

Building upon a reputation as a company that listens to and acts on user feedback, Cooler Master has stepped back and retooled the Scout 2 into an advanced model to better suit the needs of gamers. This includes a hotly anticipated Ghost White color that will come with two limited edition ghost white fans with white LEDs in the front of the chassis and an additional rear exhaust fan.

In addition, the dust filter layout has been reevaluated to provide better coverage. Midnight Black will benefit from these same improvements, but will receive matching black fans with red LEDs. To show our appreciation for the consistent and passionately attentive feedback provided by users, current owners of the original Scout 2 model may contact us on our support site to receive the Scout 2 Advance Upgrade Kit at no extra cost to them.

About Scout 2 Advanced

Show true dedication to eSports and LAN gaming by being ready to move at a moment’s notice. Be it a sponsored LAN, friend’s house, or a remote battlefield, Scout 2 is prepared to take the fight to the enemy. Comfortable rubber carrying handles with steel reinforcements that are bolted to the core structure ensure that no matter how good your configuration is, they’ll be there to support the weight and ensure a swift transition between battlegrounds.

Bumps and scuffs are an unavoidable part of any mission to a remote destination. A sliding cover over the two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and audio jacks on the front panel helps defend against possible damage and ensure that you can plug in and continue to frag.

Expanded Support

Scout 2 goes beyond its predecessors and brings an ultramodern rifle appeal that elevates itself to the pinnacle of support for its size. With that, users may build with confidence knowing that Scout 2 supports up to three 5.25” bay devices, seven hard drives, two SSDs, and even NVIDIA GTX 690 or AMD HD 7990 via an easily removable hard drive cage.

This extends to an emphasis on vast improvements to system airflow that is assisted by support for up to nine 120 mm fans with two occupying strategically placed spots on the side panel to cool your graphics cards.

It is well known that dust is the enemy of any well prepared system. Quick slide-out dust filters have been equipped in the top and PSU area to easily remove unwanted dust hitchhikers.

Step up to a new generation of mobile gaming chassis with the Scout 2. It will be available in Ghost White and Midnight Black in February, 2013.


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