You never just abandon a good idea unless you are Xerox and didn’t know what to do with the mouse. Cooler Master is one of the PC peripheral manufacturers well known for refining products until they are exactly what the public wants. This time around the ever popular QuickFire Rapid Mechanical keyboard gets an update to the new QuickFire Stealth.

Just like its predecessor, the QuickFire Stealth is a high quality, durable mechanical keyboard that gives you the choice of Cherry MX switches. You can select from the most popular Red, Blue, or Brown MX switches. Or you can select the Cooler Master exclusive Green Cherry MX switch. These are clicky like the Blue switches, but firm like original Black MX switches.

The other thing that stands out are the key caps. The caps have the keys printed on the front of the keyboard which is how it got the name Stealth. This reduces finger wear to zero so the key print will never wear off. Add in a 2 year warranty from Cooler Master and you have a great keyboard for all the gamers out there. Price varies based on MX switch selection so read below for more details. The CM Storm QuickFire Stealth should be available now.

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04-12-2013 – Cooler Master, an industry leading case, thermal solution, gaming gear, and mobile accessory manufacturer, has announced the release of the QuickFire Stealth mechanical gaming keyboard under its CM Storm line of gaming products.

The CM Storm QuickFire Stealth is a refined version of the popular QuickFire Rapid keyboard aimed at purists and the gaming elite. Featuring top of the line CherryMX switches, a compact ten-keyless design, adjustable repeat rates and unique covert keycaps – the QuickFire Stealth is the mechanical keyboard for minimalists or gamers looking to switch up their style.

Choose Your Type

High quality Cherry MX switches matter – they provide faster key presses, response times, precision and tactile feedback that professionals desire. CM Storm gives you a full arsenal of switch types to choose from.

The QuickFire Stealth launches with FOUR different Cherry MX mechanical switches: red (linear/very light), blue (clicky/light), brown (tactile/medium) and the CM Storm exclusive green switch (clicky/firm). All CherryMX mechanical switches are rated for over 50 million key strokes – guaranteed.

Covert Key Caps

The defining characteristic of the QuickFire Stealth are its unique keycaps. Icons and letters are printed on the front side of the keycaps, which provides an incredibly sleek, clean and stylish look. Front printed keys also last longer than normal keycaps because there is no finger friction to wear away the print.

Superior Responsiveness and Key Stroke Efficiency

Never miss a beat with N-Key Rollover support over PS/2 (or 12-KRO over USB). Issue game commands faster and type more efficiently with adjustable repeat rate shortcuts (supporting up to 8x the speed over a PS/2 connection).

Built to Last

All CM Storm mechanical keyboards maintain the highest level of durability with a 2 Year warranty. A gold plated, braided USB cable and routing management groove maintains a strong link between keyboard and PC, keeping you locked in place.

The internal steel plating ensures your keyboard won’t flex or break during transportation and the ten-keyless design offers a more natural lean for mouse placement or can give you more room in smaller desk spaces.

Availability & Pricing

QuickFire Stealth is shipping now to your favorite e-tail and retail locations and also

MSRP varies by mechanical switch type. Contact your local Cooler Master sales representative for more details.

Full product details can be found at:


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