I have been on the enthusiast side of the fence for so long, I sometimes forget most people buy pre-built desktop computers. Instead of buying a computer from a big company, many get custom-built machines from a company like iBUYPOWER. This year they are doing something a little different by not only customizing the case, but also, everything inside as well. As a result, they’ve decided to call this new design the “Revolt”.

The Revolt from iBUYPOWER sports a completely custom chassis designed in-house. Going the extra mile, they also custom selected each component to allow them to minimize the size of the overall PC without sacrificing future upgradability and performance.

Sporting a mini-ITX motherboard, which is also completely custom designed just for iBuyPower, a server style PSU, Intel CPU, Nvidia graphics, and liquid cooling, the Revolt promises to have big performance in a small package. The TARDIS may now be real. Full press release and photos below.

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iBUYPOWER Defines Next-Gen PC Gaming With the New Revolt

CES, Las Vegas, NV Elevate above the ordinary; iBUYPOWER is proud to be ushering in a new era of PC gaming lifestyle.

Announcing a revolutionary new gaming experience: the Revolt. Designed to combat the stale black and beige box image of desktop PCs, the Revolt combines radical chassis design and re-engineered internal components to create the most exciting PC gaming experience in existence.

We didn’t look to the industry for inspiration when we were developing Revolt. What we looked for was the burning question of, what would we like to have on our own desks? We wanted to shake up the industry and make something beautiful. This is what Revolt is, said Darren Su, Co-Founder and VP of iBUYPOWER.

The Revolt is designed from the ground up to be the system you want to show off. Despite its unassuming size, there’s nothing unassuming about it. Exclusively powered by the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics and the fastest Intel CPUs available, Revolt propels effortlessly through the most demanding games.

iBUYPOWER is a leader in system innovation and we are thrilled to see our GeForce GPUs used in a truly unique gaming product like iBUYPOWERs Revolt, said Scott Herkelman, general manager of the GeForce business unit at NVIDIA.

Key advancements in system design include liquid cooling, compact and efficient power supply, advance component support and layout.

Detailed discussion of key features below.

Designing from the ground up was just the beginning. The Revolt introduces a radically new overall design, focusing on both jaw dropping design on its exterior and interior. As sleek and clean as it is on the exterior, Revolt is equally well designed on the interior. iBUYPOWER throws out the old, and brings forward an integrated lighting system and aggressive chassis design to add an edge to the most hardened PC gaming bunkers. The Revolt’s atmospheric lighting system is customizable in color and in mode, so gamers will have a blast integrating it into their lifestyle.

Efficient cooling design. True to iBUYPOWERs gaming and enthusiast roots, Revolt was designed with overclocking as a key design spec. The Revolts cooling profile remains superior to many full-size desktops, thanks to a highly efficient design all key performance components are cooled through specific airflow channels. The chassis structure also minimizes noise generation from excess fans common in standard gaming desktops. To maximize CPU overclocking ability, Revolt is liquid cooled with a full-size 140mm radiator.

Elevate to a truly custom system. The Revolt demonstrates improvements beyond a custom chassis and layout. While still fitting most standardized components for future user upgrades, the Revolt includes a number of customized internal components designed to maximize usability, stability, and overclockability. The mini-iTX motherboard and internal peripherals are specially designed to enhance the functionality of the system, with user-installable upgrades and overclocking features.

Power up. The Revolt is powered internally through a redesigned server-class power supply. This server-based approach puts efficiency, reliability, and true power output at the forefront, opposing the cost-cutting and relabeling common in many consumer power supplies. The Revolts power supply is made with advanced materials to enhance efficiency thereby reducing heat output and improving its cooling characteristics.

The Revolt is available for pre-order and will be shipping in February 2013.


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