Nintendo has always been very strict about protecting its IP and that’s why it has taken so long for the company to move into the mobile space with games like Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. But that’s changing. Coming straight out of left field, top-tier Nintendo Wii games have now been ported (and in full HD, no less) over to the Nvidia Shield.

This comes with a couple of major caveats, as you might imagine. First, as far as I can gather, these ports are restricted to the Shield TV set top box introduced a couple years ago, so you won’t be able to play on your Shield Portable or Shield Tablet. That’s one.

Second, it looks like these ports are being restricted to China with no sign that they’ll ever expand beyond those borders. We can hope. We can pray. We can hold our respective breaths, but in all likelihood, we’ll all go blue before Nintendo starts porting its games like this for us in North America.

The Nintendo Wii ports over to the Nvidia Shield TV are coming by way of a “local” partnership between Nintendo, Nvidia, and a Chinese video company called iQiyi. On the docket are such titles as Punch-Out!!, Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess and New Super Mario Bros Wii.

According to Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX on Twitter), the games are running in 1080p HD and they’ll retail for RMB 68, which works out to about $10 US.

Here are a couple sneaky videos of the Nintendo games in action on the Nvidia Shield.

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