The MEGA goodness continues at CES 2012, where LG was showing off some pretty fantastic Cinema 3D innovations. We've seen smarter homes, but we still want a smarter living room too.

In the video above, LG's own Frank Lee walks us through three such innovations. In the first, we move beyond the era of LED 3D HDTVs and into the era of amazing OLED 3D televisions. Frank couldn't tell us about price, but the gorgeous 55-inch HDTV won't have "sticker shock." It ain't 84-inches, but it's thin, it's light, and it's positively amazing.

Also, we learn about something called Dual Play technology that eliminates the "screen peek" problem that comes along with split-screen gaming. Each person gets the full screen, even if the console thinks it's doing split screen. Add in a great controller and you've got a much better local multiplayer experience.

And finally, we're seeing a Kinect-like control scheme for new LG televisions, removing the conventional remote and opting for hand-waving gestures... complete with Fruit Ninja. Everyone likes Fruit Ninja.

Stay tuned, because we've got more CES 2012 coverage coming down the pipes!

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