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Irony: Darth Vader Humidifier Eases Wheezing

When I was a kid, my mother was convinced that a liberal application of Vick's rub on my chest, a steady supply of Vernor's ginger ale (no other brand will do), and running a humidifier next to my bed could cur... Continued

Great Sleeping Bear Offers Happy Hibernation

Winter is here, finally, and I can't say I'm happy about it. If there's one thing I hate, it's being cold. In fact, I regularly comment that I'm going to hibernate in my bed under a pile of blankets, although t... Continued

Sippy Cup Helps the Medicine Go Down

Here we are at the beginning of cold and flu season, and if you've got kids you know that means you're in for several months of runny noses, sneezing, coughing, and miserable little faces begging you to make th... Continued

Keep Yourself in Suspense With Spoiler Alert

You know what I really hate about social media? Spoilers. You'd think with the increasing number of us who record shows or sporting events or whatever to watch later, people who watched whatever it was in real ... Continued

Laundroid is the Machine of My Dreams

Laundry isn't necessarily the bane of my existence as it is with some people, but then I also periodically do it for a living. Funny how much easier it is to deal with when you're being paid! But then there's l... Continued

Let a Yeti Keep You Warm

As the northern hemisphere edges closer to winter, my mind turns to creative ways to keep warm. The trouble is, I live in an old house and renovating to make it more heat-efficient or turning the thermostat hig... Continued

Toast Your Team With ePint

October is a fine time for sports, at least in my world. There is baseball's World Series, American football is well underway (both college and NFL), and my beloved hockey has finally begun after a several mont... Continued

Master Pan: One Pan To Cook Them All

If you're any kind of a cook, you'll recognize this scenario: A fabulous meal is on the table, perhaps accented by flowers or candles, arranged beautifully on serving platters, plates and bowls, and you stand r... Continued