Laundry isn’t necessarily the bane of my existence as it is with some people, but then I also periodically do it for a living. Funny how much easier it is to deal with when you’re being paid! But then there’s laundry at my house, which has at times been such a chore that I have been known to buy more clothes rather than dealing with it.

Let’s face it. Laundry really isn’t that hard. It’s just so time consuming! You have to sort, then wash, then dry, then fold, and finally put away. Most of us leave it on the couch, or our beds, or a chair… somewhere it lives until we wear it again, and the cycle begins anew. If only there weren’t so many steps!

Meet Laundroid. While not commercially available yet, Laundroid is a collaborative project between housing firm Daiwa House, electronics company Panasonic, and Seven Dreamers that started back in 2008 and is finally getting near to completion. They’re looking at something like 2019 before you could conceivably have one in your house, and I cannot wait.

Laundroid doesn’t just wash your clothes. It identifies what each article of clothing is, and once it has been washed and dried it will fold each item before you take it out. In one machine! It looks like you’ll still have to sort, at least for now, but that eliminates three steps that are normally hands-on, and who doesn’t think that’s a good idea?


There is very little actual information as to exactly how Laundroid works, which could be because they’re still working on the technology or because they don’t want anyone to swoop in and steal their idea before they’re ready to head to market. But I dream of the day when I have a Laundroid, because maybe then doing laundry won’t be a several-day process. There is also no information on pricing, but I would imagine it’ll be on the higher end rather than cheaper. Whatever… It’s totally worth it!

An entire load of laundry, which of course would require a lot more analyzing and folding than just one or two items, would take approximately seven hours to complete. While that makes sense, I do hope they’re making Laundroid the most energy efficient appliance anyone has ever seen or your utility bills will go through the roof.

Source: Engadget

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