In the world of technology, whenever a company decides to update or upgrade its products, we usually end up with a new model number and a fresh press release touting all the improvements and new features. That’s not the case with the upgraded Geko E100 dashcam, which received a very quiet update not that long ago and they’re saying the video quality has been vastly improved.

You might remember when I reviewed the Geko E100 late last year and the two biggest concerns that I had about this dashcam was the relatively grainy video and the weird problem with the microSD slot where the memory card would just fall right in, never to be retrieved again.

Well, I can report that the card slot issue on the Geko E100 dashcam has been suitably addressed and is no longer a problem. I have the updated model here and they’ve closed off that weird gap in the housing. Secondly, the video quality does appear to be improved. It’s still not utterly fantastic, but the finer details are clearer and you don’t get as much of the over-compensating “grain” that we had with the original. I’ve embedded two new video samples below (be sure to view them in 1080p to see the real difference), so check those out to get a sense of what you can expect.

The Geko E100 dashcam can be found on Amazon for about $60 with free shipping, well below the $100 MSRP. This quiet update has made a world of difference.

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