Winter is here, finally, and I can’t say I’m happy about it. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s being cold. In fact, I regularly comment that I’m going to hibernate in my bed under a pile of blankets, although that’s not always practical. But… maybe I need a Great Sleeping Bear!

The Great Sleeping Bear is the creation of Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa, and it is exactly what it appears to be: A sleeping bag made to look like a fairly realistic bear. Apparently, the design was inspired by a story out of Bavaria a few years ago, and the thought of seeing a bear with a person’s face peering out of its mouth. Which you can totally do with this sleeping bear bag!


That, by the way, is something I would do. Especially if I was out camping somewhere, since most people I know don’t regularly camp and would have no idea whatsoever to do if they came across my arm hanging out of a bear’s mouth. I’ve been known to mess with people on occasion.

The original Great Sleeping Bear sculpture measured 190 x 73 x 78 cm (about 6’3″ x 2’5″ x 2’7″) and was made of fake fur, rubber, and foam, with a zipper and glass eyes. The Great Sleeping Bear bags you order will be of similar size and materials, and made as they are ordered. This is all part of a massive art project, and they will be numbered. Which is a roundabout way of saying they’re really, really spendy. Each one will cost $2,350.00 US. The artist would also like for you to send pictures of your bag in use, be it under normal camping circumstances or as part of an elaborate joke. The idea is to show all the locations where one is shipped on a map, to illustrate the wandering adventures of the bag as if it was a real bear.

Source: The Dodo

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