Having had cats that allowed me to live with them for a while, I totally get how you put yourself out and your own comfort becomes secondary to their well-being. Everything from stepping on countless milk jug rings in the dark (they love to play with them) to having toy birds on elastic bands on every doorknob, to eating ramen noodles for dinner because I couldn’t afford food after buying their special blend. This sofa, though, is something that can benefit both of you, which is pretty darn rare.

The design here is really pretty simple, yet brilliant. Take your standard sofa design, add in some PVC pipe, and voila! A habitrail for your cat, but one which allows you to sit without having your furry friend run across your head or lap. Seungji Munhas, a Korean furniture designer, came up with it after observing how family pets are moving more toward being family members, and taking into consideration that some 10 million people in Korea are living with animals. The human part of the couch is foam rubber covered in fabric, while the cat part of the couch is fabric-covered PVC tubing. The tube forms the back of the couch as well as one arm, then dives down to floor level.

What I don’t see is if this will be available any time commercially, but you could probably make an educated guess on how to build one of your own. I just think it’s neat, and is definitely something I would have invested in while my boys were still with me. And I’ll equally definitely keep it in mind for when I again find cats who wish to become part of my life.

Source: Laughing Squid

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