Most people think of allergy season as being in the fall, when all the plants go to seed. Those of us who suffer, however, understand that spring is also a particularly horrifying time to live through, with all the pollen and whatnot floating through the air. And then there are the indoor allergies: pet dander, dust, mold, etc., that make breathing something to strive for rather than the automatic process it should be. Over the years, I have tried virtually every kind of air purifier on the market. Most of them are at best unattractive, and often do not work as well as I would like. This one, while not cheap, simply caught my eye as fitting into almost any decor. I have no idea if it works, but based purely on price I have to assume it does.

The LightAir IonFlow 50 Signature Air Purifier (there's a mouthful) removes airborne particles from mold, dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria, virus, pet allergen and more for rooms up to 650 square feet (and claims 99.94% particle reduction). The unit itself measures just 7.5 x 7.5 x 26 inches, and weighs a mere 6.2 pounds. It comes in a wood, brass and glass finish, and features a warm amber light.

That's the pretty part. It gets better when you get down to business. Signature is filterless, using a collector that can easily be washed in water (if you've had to buy filters, you know already how much money you're saving). It claims to be totally silent, which is a definite bonus if you're like me and really can't stand hearing the hum of something running constantly. It's also energy efficient, with claims of using 10 times less energy than other air filters. Since the cost of electricity keeps going up, you're saving money there too, as well as being friendly to the environment. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, in case something goes wrong.

Now for the fairly bad news. This is not the air purifier you're used to picking up at the hardware or department store. This one is going to run you $499.00 US (which is $96.00 US less than MSRP). Unfortunately, this Swedish product can only be shipped in the US, or to APO/FPO addresses. But, if you want one and you don't live in the US, you'll find a way, right?

Source: 7 Gadgets

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