The Nextbit Robin is easily one of the most unique Android phones on the market today, both in terms of functionality and aesthetic. It looks different, because it is different, mostly in terms of how it handles cloud storage and offloading your least-used apps. If you’re of the Verizon or Sprint crowd, it appears you are now out of luck if you’ve been itching to get a CDMA Nextbit Robin.

The company started started taking pre-order late last year for both the GSM and CDMA versions of the Nextbit Robin, fully intending on accommodating just about everyone in the United States market. The reviews are somewhat mixed, but just about everyone comments on how this phone is special, different and unique.

They have now formally announced that the CDMA Nextbit Robin will no longer be in production. In fact, they never even started making it. They only added the CDMA option because so many people asked for it. After looking into the possibility and receiving answers that were “not so accurate,” Nextbit had to scrap the idea. It was going to take too long and be too expensive.

If you backed the Kickstarter with the intention of getting a CDMA Robin, Nextbit is now issuing full refunds and offering you a 25% discount code to be applied toward a GSM Robin instead. That discount code is transferable if you don’t want to switch to AT&T or T-Mobile.

Via Android Authority

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