The weather guessers keep assuring me that it will eventually be warm again, and if that does actually happen my quest for the perfect summertime bedding will begin anew. I’m sure I’m not the only one who spends an inordinate amount of time each night waking up, flipping my pillow over to find the cool spot, waking up again, flipping it again, until sometimes finally giving up and just tossing it on the floor. Having a hot head while you’re trying to sleep isn’t good. There are umpteen different gadgets designed to cool you down while sleeping, but the Best Gel Infused Cooling Pillow looks like one of the better options.

The pillow itself is constructed of memory foam for pressure-relieving support of your head and neck as well as some of the most comfortable sleeping you’ll experience. As you shift positions, it recovers its cooling properties, so when you move back to a spot, it will be cool again. It’s also got a ventilated, two-sided gel memory foam overlay, engineered to absorb excess heat from your head. The heat is then dissipated through vented, breathable sides so it doesn’t build up beneath you. Covering the entire pillow is a hypoallergenic polyester case, designed to eliminate odors and easily removable for spot cleaning.

The Best Gel Infused Cooling Pillow measures 23″ W x 5″ H x 16″ D (58.4 x 12.7 x 41 cm), and weighs in at four pounds (1.8 kg). In lab tests, it was shown to increase in temperature by only 17.54% over eight hours, as opposed to other types of cooling pillows that increase by as much as 23.32%. If you’d like one of these to keep your head cool and comfortable all summer long, you can pick one up for $79.95 US.

Source: Unique Daily

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