This is how it works at my house: I have a day off, so I go into a cooking frenzy. There are leftovers by design. Some unknown number of days later I open the refrigerator to get something for lunch and am greeted by the Creature from the Black Lagoon sealed in Tupperware.

If this also happens to you, then here is just the product we’ve both been waiting for.

Really, these DaysAgo Timers are so stupidly simple, they’re genius, and I find it hard to believe no one has thought of them before.

They’re easy enough to use; just stick one on whatever food item you’re about to refrigerate and start the timer. You can choose between a magnetic clasp or suction cup version, and they come two in a pack. The included batteries are supposed to last for over six months. Each pack of two only costs $7.99 US.

Source: ThinkGeek

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