I was going to wait a little longer to do another post featuring a bunch of flash drives, but I’ve seen so very many really neat ones recently (none of which, if I am not mistaken, I’ve posted before) that I couldn’t resist. Besides…who doesn’t love a good flash drive?

First up is the Statue of Liberty flash drive pictured above. I can’t imagine this being particularly useful, as it likely takes up more room in your bag than it’s worth, but it is a fun way to show off your patriot spirit!

It’s available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB starting at $19.99 US. If you’d rather have a 2GB for some reason, you can find one for just $9.49 US.

Source: GeekAlerts

Remember your old NES? Sold it in a garage sale, didn’t you? Now you can relive its former glory with a 32GB flash drive’s functionality. You probably wanted an external storage device of some kind anyway, why not spring the $80.00 US asking price and have some fun with this one?

Source: Red Ferret

Next we have the Elecom ToyBrick USB Hubs. These are not actually a LEGO product, but they caught my eye anyway. How could they not? Each is a four-port hub, and they can stack together. They come in several bright colours (blue, red, white, yellow, black and green). These are going for $36.00 US a pop.

Source: Technabob

Our next entry is also from the land of hubs…the Contort USB Hub will flex to keep your device cords and other USB devices safe. This will be particularly helpful in the case of a laptop (she says, glancing down at the two USB connectors sticking out of her laptop right next to her mouse, which she whacks on a regular basis). It has a flexible TPE rubberneck that can turn 360 degrees, and features four ports. Each of these nifty little guys will run you $24.99 US.

Source: Red Ferret

And then we have the pice de rsistance: n entire photo gallery of flash drives ranging from the expected to the truly unique and fun. Unfortunately, I have no earthly idea if most of these are available, what size they might be if they are, or how much they might cost. But you really, really need to check out the gallery. It’s nothing short of fabulous.

Source: TechEBlog

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