If you cook using a lot of canned goods, or if you just like soup a lot, this is the gadget for you. Me, I try to avoid using canned things, but in winter (or when I’m lazy, let’s be honest), it’s often unavoidable. Consequently, I’ve been through umpteen can openers of various styles over the years, but all of them wear out eventually. And if I’m making something that requires a bunch of cans to be opened (my three bean salad leaps to mind), my hand always cramps. I hate that.

Apri promises to not only end the hand-cramping issues, but to reduce the risk of flaying open your hand on the rough edges of either lid or can. It uses your body weight to clamp onto the can rather than requiring you to grip and squeeze a handle together. Speaking of handles, instead of the standard rotating one you have to grip between finger and thumb, Apri has a ratcheting knob to reduce wrist strain. Its side-cutting design is what makes sure the removed lid isn’t going to open a vein if you touch it, and it feature a talon-hook lid lifter with a magnet so you won’t lose the lid into whatever food is in the can. That’s one of my pet peeves, by the way…Unless I’m planning to drain something by pressing the lid into it (think tuna fish or mushrooms), I can’t stand when the lid falls in.

This neat little gadget would also look pretty good displayed on your counter if you’re the type to do that sort of thing, and need it more readily accessible than in a drawer somewhere in the kitchen. It measures 5.68″ long x 2.74″ wide x 2.18″ high. You can order one on presale for just $19.99 US (MSRP is $24.99 US).

Source: 7 Gadgets

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