ASUS Xonar Series Revolutionizes the PC Audio Soundscape

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA (November 27, 2007) – Adding to the success of the company’s entry into PC audio, ASUS®, worldwide leader in component and notebook design and manufacturing, today extended its product offerings by introducing the world’s first PCI-Express (PCI-E) interface audio card Xonar D2X; and the stylish USB based audio station Xonar U1. The Xonar D2X is the first sound card in the industry to address the audio challenge for gaming under the Windows Vista® environment by utilizing ASUS DirectSound® 3D GX (DS3D GX) technology and the Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) technology for clarified voice. The external Xonar U1 is the smallest USB Digital-Analog Converter (DAC) to sport a slick industrial design, an intuitive, tactile user interface and Dolby® Technology to deliver a home theater audio experience on any PC or notebook. The U1 is available immediately through ASUS authorized dealers in North America. The D2X will be available mid-December.

“We recognize the importance of premium sound quality as an integral part of an ultimate multimedia experience. To reach users in the desktop and the mobile segments, our engineers developed these two solutions that will surely change the way people perceive PC audio,” said Paul Chen, product manager of graphics and audio products at ASUS Computer International.

The Ultimate Solution for Windows Vista Gaming Audio
To meet the discerning demands of PC gamers when using the Windows Vista operating system, ASUS engineered the new Xonar D2X from the ground up to resolve the lack of support for surround sound or hardware accelerated Direct3D® and EAX®. Xonar D2X utilizes an ASUS exclusive technology – the new DirectSound 3D GX extension which resides in the audio driver; to translate DirectX® signals to DS3D GX. DS3D GX fully supports surround sound and hardware accelerated features, and does not require special downloads or game support. Upon installation of the sound card, gamers can enjoy DirectX gaming with hardware enhanced sound and EAX efforts right out of the box.

The Cleanest Voice in Online or LAN Game Chatting
The ASUS Xonar D2X includes the innovative Acoustics Echo Cancellation (AEC) technology to facilitate clear online voice communication. AEC can eliminate up to 40dB of speaker echo and suppress noises that would otherwise enter the users’ microphone – making the Xonar D2X the best choice for online chatting in VOIP applications or online gaming.

Unparalleled Sound Clarity
The ASUS Xonar D2X features a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 118 dB for both audio in and out – reaching the maximum limit of audio quality on most PC platforms. Unlike generic audio cards in the market that boast the highest SNR to only the front stereo outputs, the Xonar D2X can deliver 118 dB quality audio on all 7.1 channels.

Dolby and DTS for a Complete Digital Home Experience
Besides delivering impressive audio quality, the Xonar D2X is packed with multiple sound technologies from Dolby and DTS® to deliver outstanding entertainment experiences. These include Dolby Digital Live, which converts PC or game audio content into Dolby Digital in real-time; Dolby Headphone, which creates a surround sound listening experience using any set of stereo headphones; Dolby Virtual Speaker, which delivers a vibrant surround sound listening experience from stereo speakers and Dolby Pro Logic® IIx, which creates up to 7.1-channel surround sound from stereo or 5.1 sources as well as DTS Interactive for real time AC-3 encoding and DTS NEO: PC stereo to multi-channel expander.

“As users increasingly use their PCs to enjoy music, movies, and gaming, great audio is key to delivering an outstanding entertainment experience,” said Greg Rodehau, PC Market Segment Director, Dolby Laboratories. “The ASUS Xonar D2X audio card delivers a powerful suite of Dolby technologies that create highly immersive listening environments from virtually any content or playback device being used.”

Compact External Audio Processor with EAX Support
The Xonar U1 is an external USB audio device that improves a notebook or PC’s underachieving audio by eliminating electromagnetic interference (EMI) and DC circuit noise inside a computer chassis. It then utilizes a high quality DAC (digital to analog converter) to deliver crisp, clear audio as it was meant to be heard. The Xonar U1 boosts PC gaming audio by supporting EAX and DirectSound HW acceleration for the best gaming experience in Windows Vista and XP.

High Quality Headphone Amplifier for an Immersive Audio Experience
The Xonar U1’s high quality DAC outputs clear signals to a built-in high-fidelity headphone amplifier, driving detailed, powerful sound on most stereo headphones (8~150 ohms @ >10mWx2).

1. THD+N< 0.005% @ 47mW x2 / 32ohms 2. THD+N< 0.006% @ 88mW x2/ 16ohms 3. 96dB SNR 4. >1.1Vrms full-scale output voltage for >8 ohms load
5. Frequency Response (-3dB/48KHz): 20~20KHz for 32ohms

Precise 3D Positioning Technologies from Dolby Studio
The Xonar U1 is equipped with a complete set of technologies from Dolby Studio to provide users with the best audio experience possible.

Dolby Virtual Speaker: Converts stereo audio to simulated 5.1 surround sound.
Dolby Headphone: Provides comfortable & precise 5.1 surround positioning with normal stereo headphones.
Dolby Digital Live: Transcode analog audio into 5.1-channel Dolby Digital bit-stream output via S/PDIF.
Dolby Prologic IIx: Expands any stereo audio, such as MP3, into vivid 7.1 channel audio.

Background Noise Canceling by Advanced Array Microphone Technology
With the advanced noise canceling algorithm, along with the bundled exclusive Array Microphone, the Xonar U1 can suppress ambient noises up to 20 dB – leaving only clear voice for VOIP applications or online gaming.

Upgrade Notebooks and PCs into Multimedia Centers with SPDIF Output and Dolby Digital
Easily turn Notebooks or PCs into a home theater PC by sending Dolby 5.1 encoded signals via the U1’s optical out. Just connect the NB/PC with Xonar U1 to a home theater system and start enjoying games or movies with original 5.1 channel audio or expanded stereo audio using Dolby Prologic IIx from home theater speakers.

The MSRPs for the ASUS Xonar D2X PCI-E sound card and Xonar U1 USB sound station are $189 and $89 respectively. For more information, including where to buy, product images and complete specifications, please go to

About ASUS
ASUS is a world class leader in design and manufacture of 3C total solutions. With a global staff of over 100,000 and an award-winning R&D design team, ASUS ranks among the 100 largest companies in North America for 10 consecutive years according to BusinessWeek InfoTech 100. In 2006, ASUS reported annual revenue of $17.4 billion dollars and shipped over 55 million motherboards – representing 1 in 3 PCs sold in the world during that year. With its innovative product designs, legendary quality and superb customer support, ASUS took home the honor from Wall Street Asia as the Number 1 Manufacturer in Quality and Service in 2006.

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