So…apparently it’s been a lot longer than I thought since I’ve done a flash drive post, but judging by the number of them I’ve got bookmarked and how far back they go, it appears to be true. You’ll have that sometimes with me; time has a way of tricking me in either seeming slower or faster than I think.

First up is a ridiculously expensive 32GB flash drive encrusted with gems and diamonds. The price ranges anywhere from $16,500 US to $37,000 US depending on what colour you choose, as some gems are obviously more expensive than others. It’s modeled after the magic mushroom in Alice in Wonderland, and if I had an endless supply of money I would get one. Because they’re really, really pretty.


Coming back to the realm most of us live in, we have the Folderix flash drive. This one will run you just $14.95 US, and offers 4GB of storage. It looks like a regular manila folder like what you store your paper files in (or, fine, just like the folder icon on your computer), so that’s kind of neat. It comes in yellow, blue or purple (sign me up for the purple…I have a thing).

Source: Coolest Gadgets

Has anyone else heard of Minieyes? I have no idea what it is, but apparently there are several characters. I’m guessing it’s a kids’ show that is on TV in a country other than mine, because none of my nieces and nephews (ranging from 3 to 30 in age) have ever heard of it. Anyway, this is the Minieyes monkey named Toby, and he’s waterproof. He offers 8GB of storage, and will run you $32.95 US. Also available are Bobo the Bear, Odo the Beaver, and Patty the Cow.

Source: 7 Gadgets

It’s a wrist strap. It’s a bracelet. It’s a flash drive! Excellent! Not exactly my first fashion choice, but if you’re into wearing leather bracelets for whatever reason, you can pick this one up and also gain yourself a flash drive. No word yet on pricing, availability, or storage capacity, but something like this would be handy for those of you who constantly misplace your flash drive…and with it your important information.

Source: Ubergizmo

It makes me giggle that this is labelled “alien”. Isn’t that kind of like putting a picture of a banana on a banana? Anyway, the alien flash drive offers you 8GB of storage, and is made of metal. It can be yours for just $26.99 US.

Source: Geek Alerts

This, I could kinda love, given my association with musicians. It’s made of pine with copper wire for the strings, and you can even “tune” the guitar using the tuning knobs. It comes with a case that actually latches, and offers 8GB or 16GB of storage. The only thing I don’t much like about it is the fact that the USB part isn’t retractable. It’s not nearly as neat sticking through the case, and leads me to believe I’d end up breaking it off at some point. Anyway, this one costs $75.00 US for 8GB and $90.00 US for 16GB.

Source: The Gadgeteer

I admit it, I am not a gamer. Thus this particular flash drive means nothing to me. But for those of you familiar with what is apparently a popular game, the Hip Street God of War flash drive might be the very thing you’re looking for! It’s supposed to be anti-shock and moisture proof (I’m always tempted to test that to the max just to see if it really is), and measures 3.5 by 1.2 inches. Currently shipping in the US only, this 8GB drive will run you $14.99 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets

Sometimes, a girl wants to look like a girl instead of a computer tech. Sure, there are any number of rhinestone and crystal and gem studded flash drives, but they don’t tend to scream “professional” to me. A classy, simple locket, however, does exactly that. These are by Emily Rothschild, and each contains a 2GB flash drive. They come in a variety of finishes and shapes, and pricing starts at $200.00 US.

Source Red Ferret

This one isn’t so much of a fun shape, but it does have a rather unique function. One end has a USB connector, and the other a micro USB connector. Which means you can connect it to your smartphone (and probably a dozen other gadgets you own) and also to your computer without trouble. Of course, most of us have a charging cord that does the same thing, but whatever. I still think this is neat, especially if you want to transfer files but aren’t necessarily able to get to your computer (or phone) right away. This offers 4GB of storage, and will run you $24.00 US. Unfortunately, it is only available in Japan at the moment.

Source: Geeky Gadgets

Here’s something for those of you who like to keep a flash drive on your desk, but don’t want to carry it in your pocket. This thing is about the size of Nebraska, but it’s pretty neat nonetheless. This replica of the Eiffel Tower holds either 4GB ($15.00 US), 8GB ($20.00 US) or 16GB ($26.00 US) of data, and is enclosed in a silicone casing.

Source: Craziest Gadgets

What is it with flash drives that look like food? There’s a ton of them. But this one would be good for your average college student, because while they might be disappointed that the piece of pizza lying on their desk can’t actually be eaten for breakfast, at least they’ll know where their term paper is. Or something. Pay no attention to the text on the source link…what it means is that I can’t give you any details about this since it’s obviously for another product. As is the link to Amazon from there.

Source: 7 Gadgets

More food! And who can say no to chocolate, anyway? Judging by the picture, you may have to convince your friends and co-workers they shouldn’t take a bite of this one. It’s only 4GB, but it comes with a keychain and only costs $14.95 US. Why not pick one up for the chocoholic in your life?

Source: Geek Alerts

Here again we have one that isn’t much to look at, but serves and interesting purpose. Billed as “the only voice authenticating USB drive”, this offers data protection that can only be unlocked by you, and your voice. It requires no software installation; all you have to do is plug it into a USB port and speak the password. Once it’s authenticated, only you can access your files. It even comes with a backup means of access in case you lose your voice or it is altered by illness (something which immediately occurred to me). It gives you 8GB of storage, and costs $49.95 US.

Source: Coolest Gadgets

Another one for the ladies! Isn’t it nice how they’re starting to make things we can actually wear as a fashion accessory? Again, this is not particularly my style, but I know several women who would gladly wear it. This pink and gold seashell necklace offers 8GB of storage, and you can make one yours (or get one for the lady in your life) for $23.99 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets

Talk about multi-tasking! This flash drive from Emily Rothschild is also a medical alert charm that can easily take the place of those godawful ugly things you can get from your doctor or pharmacy. The USB drive is hidden away inside the locket, and your medical alert information is printed on the back. What’s neat about this one is the flash drive isn’t meant to store regular computer files, but rather your medical information so if something happens and you can’t communicate, medical personnel can have immediate access to your records and information, as well as emergency contacts. It doesn’t come cheap, but then what is too expensive when it comes to saving your life? These start at $198.00 US depending on what style you choose, and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to RxArt.

Source: The Gadgeteer

It’s a whistle with a flash drive in it. Or…it’s a flash drive that has a whistle in it. Suddenly, I’m remembering those Reese’s commercials…”You got your chocolate in my peanut butter” and etc. Sorry, I digress. This offering from PNY (which makes it cool, according to my teenage niece) comes in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models, and will cost you $20.00 US, $28.00 US and 48.00 US respectively. You may only have it in blue, but it does come on one of those metal bead chains so you can wear it.

Source: Red Ferret

I LOVE this! Of course, you’ve probably come to realize that I am a sick and twisted individual. But I’ve got to tell you…if I was trying to keep information away from someone and couldn’t afford one of the fancy encrypted flash drives, this would be what I’d use. Shoot…I may order one anyway! I’ve still got birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, and this makes me laugh right out loud every time I look at it. It comes in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities (termed light, moderate and heavy flow by the manufacturer…giggling again), for $30.00 to $55.00 US. Seriously, I think I’m going to order one as soon as I finish this post. I can’t stop laughing!

Source: Technabob

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