The key focus of updating new computer hardware is always the same. Make it faster, use less power, and make it smaller. Oftentimes you can only get two with all three being nearly impossible for most scenarios. The ASUS ROG Maximus V GENE micro-ATX motherboard may have done just that.

As the name implies, a Maximus motherboard is designed to maximize…well everything about your motherboard. You can usually only find premium quality features on the full sized boards, but ASUS sees things a little differently. This micro-ATX motherboard packs SupremeFX III sound, two PCI Express Gen3 x16 slots (single x16 or dual x8 speed), LucidLogix Virtu MVP support, and all the Gamer blood you could want coursing through its veins. And the cherry on top is an mPCIe Combo card that provides both mPCIe and mSATA for a number of upgrade possibilities.

The ASUS ROG Maximus V GENE has all the design and premium hardware you could want out of a top of the line gaming motherboard; however, it is all packed into a package small and adaptable enough to be the core of a Home Theater PC. While I think the latter would be a little bit of a waste, it would be awesome as a hidden second gaming system for your friends to enjoy when they come visit.

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ASUS launches new ROG Maximus V GENE Motherboard

— Maximus V GENE offers superb performance in a micro-ATX design featuring the new Intel® Z77 chipset —

Fremont, CA (April 8, 2012) – Now in its fifth generation, ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) has launched its Maximus V Series motherboards with the Maximus V GENE. This micro-ATX powerhouse is built using the latest Intel® Z77 chipset, which supports Intel’s latest LGA1155 processors. Featuring full PCI-Express Gen-3 capabilities with Intel’s® 3rd Generation processor the Republic of Gamers team equips the Maximus V GENE with exclusive features such as the Extreme Engine DIGI+ II™ power control design, SupremeFX III™ gaming audio, Intel® Ethernet with ROG GameFirst software and the newly added mPCIe Combo™ card.

ROG Exclusive mPCIe Combo™ Card offer users the best expansion options

The mPCIe Combo card is a new innovation by the ROG team, combining the twin functions of mPCIe with mSATA into a single, extensible add-in card that still allows full use of the PCI-Express slots for multi-GPU graphics. Use an mSATA SSD with Intel’s® Smart Response Technology to greatly improve hard-drive performance or as an ultra-fast OS drive to free up standard SATA ports for other uses. The combination of a standard mPCIe socket on the other side allows unique upgrades such as WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G, GPS and other connectivity options.

Premium Hardware, Optimized Design, Best Overclocking

The Maximus V GENE is true to the Republic of Gamers core, as a motherboard built for overclocking. Do not accept imitations or compromise with first generation digital designs. The upgraded Extreme Engine DIGI+ II™ includes a 8+4+2 (CPU, iGPU, DRAM) phase design offers the best in precise digital power control from two DIGI+ controllers. Combined with class leading ROG UEFI BIOS functions, such as the new pre-configured memory IC profiles, specially sourced electrical components and industry first trace designs the Maximus V Gene yields an unmatched overclocking experience for enthusiasts.

SupremeFX III™ Sound – Premium Gaming Audio

Designed to bring gamers the best possible integrated audio, the SupremeFX III™ sound is a wholly separate audio PCB, identified by its ‘redline’ adjoining the main GENE V motherboard. SupremeFX Shielding technology maximizes the audio quality by further isolating the audio processing from EMI, encasing the chipset under a custom aluminum cap. Combined with a large 1500uF buffer capacitor to provide sufficient energy for even the loudest sounds, SupremeFX III™ attains a lossless audio of up to 110dB SNR. The addition of X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity, EAX Advanced HD 5.0, Creative Alchemy and THX TruStudio PRO complete the lineup of audio technologies that offer an incredibly immersion gaming experience.

Intel Ethernet, ROG GameFirst and LucidLogix Virtu MVP

Intel® Ethernet and ROG GameFirst software combines up to 35% saving in CPU usage with network traffic prioritizing, while LucidLogix Virtu MVP support enables a new hybrid graphics mode that boosts overall GPU performance by up to 60%.

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