Quick, name the number one reason for a cell phone to suddenly stop working!

If you answered “water damage”, you’re right. I think. OK, I totally made up the statistic out of thin air because I thought it would make a neat leadin. Whatever. The fact remains that water is NOT your electronic gadgets’ friend, whether it’s an accidental beer being knocked on your phone, someone deciding to throw you in the pool with your phone in your pocket, or a simple rainstorm. Water and electronics simply do not mix. What’s worse, many cell phone providers will not replace your device if it’s not working because of water damage, unless you pay for the extra insurance.

Benzitech has heard your cries of agony, and they’ve developed cases that will hold your devices safe and secure and away from leaks. Granted, they’re not overly attractive, but that’s something I’m sure they can work on. For now, it’s sufficient to know that your gadgets will be protected, and you won’t be left without them. They will be available in yellow or black.

iDry cases can be worn around your neck, carried with a strap, or worn on an armband. They even have earbuds built in, so you can still listen to your music. They can be used with tablets as well, although it’s not clear to me if you can actually use your device while it’s in the case if you aren’t doing something you already started…it seems to me the case would prevent a touchscreen from working. But, they are built from soft PVC material, and guarantee a 100% waterproof seal (which will also keep out sand…think going to the beach). The cases also float on water, and are supposed to keep your devices safe up to 20 meters deep. They’re even acid-resistant, in case that’s an issue in your life.

No word yet on pricing or availability, but if you think you need one, keep an eye out. I’m sure they’ll be coming soon.

Source: Ubergizmo

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