The holidays are upon us and holiday dealsare in full swing. While it may be too late to pick up a physical gift, digital items can be purchased in a flash, and several digital outlets are having store-wide sales. While the Google Play Store can’t match the sheer number of Steam’s 10,000+ sales, the prices are more than right.

Right now you can good discounts on at least a few dozen games, and some of the deals are unbelievable. Pick up Lara Croft Go, Lego Batman, or Goat Simulator for just $0.99 a piece. Hitman Sniper can be had for just $0.50. All five episodes of Minecraft: Story Mode can be had for yours for just $0.14. I don’t understand the randomness of the price, but I’m also not complaining!

Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy III, NBA JAM, Surgeon Simulator, Rayman Fiesta Run, Joe Danger – these are just a small handful of the titles on sale. And the sale doesn’t end with games, either. Right now you can sign up for three months of Google Music for just a dollar, get 75% off any one movie rental, and get a whole bunch of music albums for under a dollar; some are even free. In fact, all albums are at least 50% off until January 4th.

This is what the digital revolution has brought us. Without the cost of manufacturing, shipping, etc, companies and vendors can afford to offer these mind-blowing holiday deals where you can get a virtual handful of quality media for little more than pocket change.

If you’re not big into mobile gaming, like myself, now is the perfect opportunity to really give it a chance with quality titles. Again, if you’re like me and you just grab whatever is free and looks good, you probably have experienced the best mobile gaming has to offer.

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