This one almost got lost in the shuffle of one of my flash drive showcases, but I think it totally warrants its own post. As you probably know if you've been reading any of my affiliate news posts, I've been on vacation for a while. One of the things I do whenever I have some down time, on vacation or otherwise, is reading. I've rarely met a book I couldn't finish, and average about three a week. Where being on vacation comes into play is that I had to put a couple of books in my carry-on bag, and then I also brought a few in my checked bag so I could read while I was here and also for the plane on the way home. As you are I am sure aware, airlines are very, very picky about the weight of your bags these days, so I chose all paperback books.

Now, I will freely admit I am not a fan of e-readers, no matter how wonderful everyone says they are. I do, however, understand the value in being able to carry a few hundred books with you at all times contained in a very light tablet. What I am not interested in doing is buying one just for travel, however. This looks like a darn fine solution to being able to have books with me, since I would be able to read them on my laptop (which of course I would be carrying anyway), without having to go to the expense of buying a Kindle (or whatever other brand).

The product is named, appropriately enough if not very creatively, 3,000 Classic Books. As you might imagine, it's a flash drive that contains, well...3,000 classic books. Authors range from Jane Austen to H.G. Wells, with just about everyone else in between. It requires no special software; all you have to do is plug it into a USB port and start losing yourself in the world of Elizabeth Bennett and her sisters, or poor Pip and his trials and tribulations. All of the titles contained on the flash drive are classic novels, so don't expect to see the latest James Patterson or Janet Evanovich on there. All you get is good, timeless literature. If one can say "all" in regards to such a wonderful collection.

Here's the best part. A book of this sort typically costs somewhere between five and 10 dollars. If you do the quick math on that, and assuming only $5 per title, you're looking at $15,000 worth of reading material. This flash drive costs just $30.00 US. How can you say no?

Source: Red Ferret

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