As I’m sure you’re aware, there is a huge push to get smokers to quit smoking. To that end, there are approximately 9,742,693,862 different gadgets, pills, apps, patches, gums, and psychology sessions on the market. The thing is, you have to want to quit for it to work. And even if it does work, it might not stick. The average person tries five times to quit smoking before they finally do, so just because you went back to it once (or more than once) is no reason to not try again if you really want to stop.

Kosmo has come up with a unique new way to help you in your quitting endeavor. It looks like any other e-cigarette, but with a notable difference: It includes the app right in the device instead of separately on your phone. Studies show that most people trying to quit smoking using an e-cig with an app stop looking at the app after an average of three weeks. If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking, you know three weeks is not nearly long enough. Also, a lot of people using an e-cig often end up smoking more than they would, purely because they can do it in more places less obtrusively than smoking an actual cigarette.

Kosmo can be tailored to your individual quitting program, allowing you to set your own nicotine goals. At the beginning of the day, the embedded LED Smartlight is white, indicating a clean slate. As the day progresses and you use the e-cig more, the light changes to orange, and then red, with the red light indicating you have exceeded your nicotine goal for the day. No more trying to keep track in your head, and no more having to look at an app to tell you how you’re doing. If you take your e-cig out and its light is red, you can’t have any more.

There is a lot more stuff involved, which you can check out over at their Indiegogo funding page. They are almost halfway to their €30,000 funding goal (about $40,000.00 US), with a cutoff date of August 16th. A pledge of €69 (about $93.00 US) will get you a Kosmo vaporizer kit with a BCC atomizer and nicotine-free liquid. Assuming they reach their funding goal, they expect to ship in September, and your pledge includes free shipping in Europe or the US.

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New E-Cig (Indiegogo) Trumps Quit-Smoking Apps with New Features

Kosmo e-Cigarette Reminds You to Smoke Less, No Need to Check Phone

Are there great apps to quit smoking? Sure, if you check your phone constantly.

“We know that an engaging app is not enough, because most people stop using activity tracker apps within three weeks. And that’s not long enough to get off nicotine completely” , says e cigarette Kosmo’s CEO, Ylann Wajsbrot, a former Googler. “Instead, a lot of people end up smoking even more with e-cigs after they get sick of checking their app.”

So Kosmo has added a ground-breaking cessation tool to the e-cig itself, which will be shipped in September: an LED Smartlight on the device itself, showing progress on the user’s daily smoking goal.

A user sets specific nicotine use goals, potentially with the end goal of stopping altogether in a certain length of time, and the Kosmo app’s personal coaching system automatically tells the e-cig knows what to do, going forward.

Kosmo’s patent-protected Smartlight is white at the start of the day, then turns orange when the equivalent of a full cigarette has been smoked, and gives off a cherry-colored light when the user goes over their daily smoking goal.

kosmo smart light
Kosmo’s app has all of the current best practices:

Social program to compete with friends to smoke less
Personal coaching program to support quitting
Find-It feature to locate a misplaced e-cig
Micro USB for charging (which no other app-paired device has)
A recent study shows 71% of e-cig users are trying to quit smoking altogether, but many find themselves taking in more nicotine, thanks to the novel ability to smoke almost anywhere.

Kosmo is making a counter-intuitive leap forward as the first e-cig to offer a reduction system that takes into account real user behavior.


Kosmo is based in Paris, France and was created in 2013 by a group of driven tech and data guys from companies like Google, drone and robotics company Parrot, connected health innovator Withings company, and the award-winning industrial design firm Fuseproject.[/hide-this-part]

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